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Our Weavers

As mentioned in "Our Story," AZ International (AZ) is rooted in community
development. Therefore our main focus has always been job creation among the
villages, refugee camps and nomadic groups who associate with us. Our weavers
succeed because AZ has been a reliable source for the finest quality vegetable-dyed
rugs made in Afghanistan and Pakistan for decades. Alex Zahir, AZ’s head, has
established a sound reputation and great working relationships supplying custom
designed rugs to reputable dealers in the US and Europe. We are timely in our
service and consistent in our quality. While we are proud to have supplied the
most beautiful rugs to Western dealers for years at this end, we take even more
pleasure from being a source of job creation for approximately 375 families
continuously since the 1990s, with most jobs employing women.


It's been mutually beneficial to work with designers in different states on different
projects. We can always learn from each other's decorating perspectives. We offer
special prices and through our wholesale connections, we can locate hard-to-find
pieces for unique needs.

Local Showroom

Apart from our wholesale operations, we also collect unique pieces and sometimes
revive and reproduce rugs that we find. We can always develop and make one-of-
a-kind artisan rugs and weavings for ourselves. So our local warehouse is a
museum of unique treasures from all over the world. Since this part of our
business is more of our hobby, we can afford to offer the best for less!